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The Culture of Possibility

I am an optimist.  Not a “glass is half full” kind of optimist, but a “glass is always 100% full” optimist (see illustration for an explanation). It’s all in the way you look at the glass. Arlene Goldbard is an … Continue reading

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An Alphabet of Culture and Community

As part of the third biennial Pave symposium: Entrepreneurship, the Arts, and Creative Placemaking held April 12-13, the Phoenix chapter of Emerging Arts Leaders facilitated a workshop on connecting arts to communities in the Phoenix metro area (or “The Valley” … Continue reading

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1100 Seats

If you are a stakeholder in the American nonprofit theatre community, you probably heard about or took part in the heated discussion last week about the announcement by the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis of its 50th anniversary season, a season … Continue reading

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Culture Quilt

Great Arts Blogger Challenge – 1 Spring For Music has initiated the “Great Arts Blogger Challenge,” and while I don’t go in much for contests, I do enjoy a challenge (and my kids encouraged me to participate).  The prompt for … Continue reading

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Shifting the Level of Analysis

Adrian Ellis wrote a thoughtful and well-reasoned essay for the Grantmakers in the Arts website recently on supply and demand issues in the nonprofit arts sector.  His essay provides enough fodder to feed several months of blog posts, and I … Continue reading

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How Much Is Too Much?

The New York Time published an article by Patrick Healy last week about nonprofit theatres mounting commercial productions on Broadway, partnering with commercial producers, or extending runs or remounting hits in order to increase revenue.  Nonprofit theatres have to make … Continue reading

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Seed funding?

Michael Wilkerson, on the ArtsJournal blog, made an interesting proposal to fund the nonprofit arts sector: tax for-profit cultural products and funnel those restricted funds to the nonprofit sector.  A day later, he backpedaled from the proposal, on the advice … Continue reading

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