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When Either/Or Hits Close to Home

I concluded my recent refutation of Peter Singer’s “Good Charity/Bad Charity” with the assertion “I believe that altruists don’t choose between, they choose both.”  A subsequent experience seemingly refutes but then supports that statement.  A friend, not a particularly close … Continue reading

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Academic CV – Arts and Humanities

I was invited by our School of Film, Dance, and Theatre graduate student organization to talk about putting together a CV for academic job searches.  I get asked to do this kind of thing fairly often because I’ve worked in … Continue reading

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The Arts Venture and Needs Satisfaction

I thought I would share the graphic I use in my class to explain that an arts venture can satisfy both the individual needs/wants of the artist and the needs/wants of a community: For more, see “Why Arts Entrepreneurship“

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Thinking about Thinking

[An edited version of this material was originally published in Symposium Magazine under the title “Slow and Fast Learning in the Digital Age“] “Meta-cognition,” or thinking about thinking, is one of the habits of mind[1] that I encourage my arts … Continue reading

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What is an “Arts Incubator?”

I came across a website the other day of a municipally owned performing arts facility that describes itself as “the premier performance venue, arts incubator and advocate.”  To actually be an arts incubator, an organization or program needs to function … Continue reading

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Censorship or Stewardship

Members of the Phoenix arts community are, to put it mildly, a bit miffed about the cancellation on August 30 of a group show originally scheduled to open September 5 at the Herberger Theatre Center Gallery. Concerns were raised by … Continue reading

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