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Off Topic – A Veteran’s Story

I go far off topic to share an important story, beautifully told by a lighting designer from San Francisco.  A veteran, she recently posted something on her twitter feed indicating that another vet acquaintance of hers, let’s call him K, … Continue reading

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Hey, Where’d Your Creativity Go? Part II

One of my earliest posts on this blog was in response to the question “Hey Linda, where’d your creativity go?” I wrote, “To a little orange room in a repurposed dorm in Tempe, Arizona” where I was creating curriculum for … Continue reading

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It’s Not the Economy

For years I’ve said that the economic impact argument doesn’t work for the arts and arts advocacy.  We keep making it, but it’s not working. A comment by John Shipley on Ian David Moss’s Createquity blog brought into clear focus … Continue reading

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Culture Shock

I recently returned from another conference (my previous post was also inspired by conference attendance).  The topic of this one was Creativity in Higher Education.  My presentation, snippets of which can be found in other postings, was entitled “Teaching Habits … Continue reading

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Takeaways: Arts Administration Educators Conference

I attended the annual conference of the Association of Arts Administration Educators for the first time, having now taught arts entrepreneurship for three semesters and seeing a course in arts management and another on arts policy on the not-too-distant horizon.  … Continue reading

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