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Valuing Relationships

Yesterday, I could count the number of Black stage managers I know on one hand – on two fingers, actually.  Now, sadly, I only need one finger.  Tayneshia Jefferson died very unexpectedly today, according to a friend, from a brain … Continue reading

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Trying Not to Feed the Beast

I started writing this post a couple of days ago about adding an ownership incentive to arts organizations: When I teach my arts entrepreneurship students about different business forms that are available for artists and arts organizations, I explain a … Continue reading

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Enough Already!

I got one of those emails today in my personal inbox – one of those emails with bad news about arts funding.  The subject line read “House Subcommittee cuts NEA by 49%.”  The political posturing over what amounts to less … Continue reading

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Language and Intention and Business

Although my last post was deeply personal, I return here with a systems level look at a problem facing the nonprofit and for-profit arts sectors – that we use language imprecisely – and a corporate form that could help ameliorate … Continue reading

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Open-ended Questions

Over the last several years, as I’ve undertaken a program of retraining to support a social scientific approach to research on arts entrepreneurship and evaluation, the importance of “the research question” has been emphasized – drilled into me – by … Continue reading

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