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Arts Incubators: 47 and Counting

Having recently completed a pilot study of university-based arts incubators and their evaluation tools, my attention turned to the larger question of arts incubators nationally. What are the primary activities of arts incubators and what business and organizational structures are … Continue reading

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Can the Commercial and Nonprofit Sectors Co-exist?

Diane Ragsdale didn’t necessarily write her post on the “long tug of war” between commercial and market forces in the nonprofit theatre in reaction to the Tony Awards, but that it was published the morning following is very apt.  Throughout … Continue reading

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I Ran Off and Joined the Circus

I was fortunate to have grown up near and then right in the middle of New York City. When I was a young child, each spring I would be taken to see the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus … Continue reading

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The Culture of Possibility

I am an optimist.  Not a “glass is half full” kind of optimist, but a “glass is always 100% full” optimist (see illustration for an explanation). It’s all in the way you look at the glass. Arlene Goldbard is an … Continue reading

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