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Another One Bites the Dust

Make that two….or maybe three.  This week brought news of the closures of Shakespeare Santa Cruz at the end of the calendar year and Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre at the end of its current season.  Dance New Amsterdam (DNA), which … Continue reading

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“Arts Groups Struggle to Stay Relevant”

“Arts Groups Struggle to Stay Relevant,” is the title of a recent column by Kerry Lengel, theatre critic for the Arizona Republic.  In it, he summarizes the challenges facing the arts and culture community of the region due to significant … Continue reading

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Let the Kid Dance!

Several semesters ago, a discussion with my arts entrepreneurship students about barriers to market entry turned into a discussion about barriers to audiences – physical barriers.  I commented that the fixed seating in a new performing arts facility with a … Continue reading

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Symposium Magazine

[If you are looking for my piece refuting Peter Singer’s either/or philosophy of philanthopy, click here] “The academy,” “higher education,” “the university,” is stereotypically characterized as an “ivory tower” in which faculty in obscure subdisciplines of the sciences, arts, and … Continue reading

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Either/Or or And

“Opportunity cost” is a basic concept in economics in which one considers the cost of doing one thing as the cost of not-doing something else.  It involves a binary decision: if I do X, I do not do Y.  This … Continue reading

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Follow-up on Nonprofit/Commercial Coexistence

In a post in June, I suggested that Commercial productions that benefit from nonprofit development pay a certain amount of after-cost profit into a fund, perhaps administered by an organization like Creative Capital or Doris Duke or even an agency … Continue reading

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Opportunity is Knocking

Bill DeWalt, former (and founding) director of the Musical Instrument Museum, wrote an op-ed piece in the Arizona Republic that delineates the challenges faced by the new arts leaders coming in to replace not only him, but also the leaders … Continue reading

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