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Opportunity Creation and the Phoenix Fringe Festival

I was talking with a friend recently – a friend far removed from the arts – who suggested that I must be poised to make a lot of money since I know something about (arts) entrepreneurship. What my friend doesn’t … Continue reading

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Seed funding?

Michael Wilkerson, on the ArtsJournal blog, made an interesting proposal to fund the nonprofit arts sector: tax for-profit cultural products and funnel those restricted funds to the nonprofit sector.  A day later, he backpedaled from the proposal, on the advice … Continue reading

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Urban Density

I considered myself lucky when I flew into New York La Guardia last week from the south.  I like that approach because it takes you right over the whole of NY Harbor with a view of the Statue of Liberty … Continue reading

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Experiential learning at PHX:Fringe

Most entrepreneurship educators will agree that experiential learning is a critical component of the education of the young entrepreneur.  I’m fortunate to have been involved with the Phoenix Fringe Festival since its inception (with the help of a seed grant … Continue reading

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