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Do What Loves

The best thing I read this past week was a post on Medium by Umair Haque that asserts that suggesting people “do what they love” [a.k.a. “follow their passion”] is not sufficient. Instead, he offers these three pieces of advice: … Continue reading

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Saying “YES!”

I wrote a piece last week about saying “no” to unpaid/underpaid artist labor that took off in the inter-webs like a bat out of hell with over 4000 hits/hour at its weekend peak.  I would much rather be remembered as … Continue reading

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The Synthesizing Mind, or Why I Like Cooking

One of my earliest postings on this blog referenced Howard Gardner’s “Disciplined Mind.” I continue to use his “Five Minds for the Future” as a framework for teaching arts entrepreneurship. Recently, I have become particularly interested in “The Synthesizing Mind.” … Continue reading

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