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Novelty, Uniqueness, Originality

My work on An Ouroboros: Art, Money, and Entrepreneurial Action continues, sometimes at a pace of one or two paragraphs a day. Framing paragraphs are important, so this one took a while; it is the first of the fourth essay … Continue reading

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Do What Loves

The best thing I read this past week was a post on Medium by Umair Haque that asserts that suggesting people “do what they love” [a.k.a. “follow their passion”] is not sufficient. Instead, he offers these three pieces of advice: … Continue reading

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Book proposal

I’m working on a book proposal – let me know what you think. [Please see the revised proposal instead] An Ouroboros: Art, Money and Entrepreneurial Action will be a collection of original essays for an interested lay audience that bridges the … Continue reading

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The Ouroboros 2: What IS arts entrepreneurship anyway?

I was honored to be invited to deliver the keynote remarks at the UW-Madison Bolz Center’s Arts Business Research Symposium March 13-14, 2014.  I previewed those remarks here and am posting the full text serially over the next several days. … Continue reading

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