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Thoughts While Waiting for a Plane: Value and Values

“Value” and “values” are such loaded words. Because the various concepts of both are top of mind as I teach arts entrepreneurship to a variety of student constituencies this semester, I’ve written several times recently about “values,” those ethical concepts … Continue reading

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#Resistance Values

When I start teaching a new semester of arts entrepreneurship or cultural leadership with graduate students or advanced undergraduates, I usually have them do an examination of their own values so that they can consciously consider the values that drive … Continue reading

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What Can We Do? Part 2

This is the second in a four (or more) part series. This particular post was born out of the feeling of extreme disorientation I felt sitting at my desk Wednesday morning. My Epistemological Existential Crisis For background, I note I … Continue reading

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Fidelity ★ Efficiency ★Honor….Empathy

Because this past Sunday was “Purple Heart Day,” I had occasion to look at my father’s purple heart as well as his good conduct medal, inscribed with the words “fidelity,” “efficiency,” and “honor.” These are leadership values that are not … Continue reading

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