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Danger, Will Robinson

As a child, I heard the Robot on “Lost in Space” warning “Danger, Will Robinson, danger, danger!” As an adult, I sometimes find myself in the precarious position of the Robot seeing danger signs before me, but being a human, … Continue reading

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Hey, Where’d Your Creativity Go? Part II

One of my earliest posts on this blog was in response to the question “Hey Linda, where’d your creativity go?” I wrote, “To a little orange room in a repurposed dorm in Tempe, Arizona” where I was creating curriculum for … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Begging Cup – redux

Late last week, Richard Dare of the Brooklyn Philharmonic posted a column on the Huffington Post about the unsustainability of a donor-based business model for the arts.  A colleague, seeing this, wrote, “I’ve been saying that for years.” To which … Continue reading

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John Dewey, Audience Development Expert

While doing some other research, I came across a reference to John Dewey’s 1934 book “Art as Experience.”  I have been somewhat familiar with Dewey’s pragmatist philosophy for a while.  His views on experiential learning influenced my own thinking about … Continue reading

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When Needs Collide

I’m using my blogspace to work on something I’ve been circling around in my arts entrepreneurship class the last two weeks.  It’s a large group (40 students), the plurality of whom are film majors, but there are also actors, graphic … Continue reading

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