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Arts Incubators and Theories of the Firm

Sometimes we build theory by observing phenomena and sometimes we use existing theories to explain the phenomena we observe.  I’ve been reviewing “theories of the firm” recently and am beginning to form some ideas about how these theories can be … Continue reading

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Lifelong Learning at STP+A

I have just returned from my first STP+A conference.  STP+A stands for Social Theory, Politics, and Arts – an itinerant conference loosely connected to the Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, but without any other fixed institutional affiliation.  I … Continue reading

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What is an “Arts Incubator?”

I came across a website the other day of a municipally owned performing arts facility that describes itself as “the premier performance venue, arts incubator and advocate.”  To actually be an arts incubator, an organization or program needs to function … Continue reading

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Arts Incubators: 47 and Counting

Having recently completed a pilot study of university-based arts incubators and their evaluation tools, my attention turned to the larger question of arts incubators nationally. What are the primary activities of arts incubators and what business and organizational structures are … Continue reading

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Measuring Incubator Success

Coincident with a spate of interesting blog posts about defining success for oneself (digested today by Thomas Cott), I am traveling to a conference to present some research on measuring the success of arts venture incubators. Specifically, I look at … Continue reading

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